Why is it up to me to convince them of something that should be a requirement, not a suggestion?

I live in America. We value individual choice here. Fine. But I’m listening to the news on the radio, and I’m reading articles online, and I’m being given advice on how to convince my loved ones to get vaccinated.

Yes, I want all my friends and family members to get…

Find a curative relationship that rewires your attachment style

Childhood is formative for everyone. During our early years, we learn fundamentals like language and perception. Unfortunately, for about 40% of us, as we orient ourselves, we struggle to find security in our relationships.

The attachment style, usually developed with our caregivers, can set us up for a healthy, positive…

A meditation

We partied like it was 1999.
Until the clock became a computer.

Now, our feelings look like photographs.
Our thoughts scroll out like ticker tape.

Post-millennial life.

Maybe we’ve been uploaded, finally.
The computers didn’t crash; they took over.
Now they speak for us.
They party like there’s no tomorrow…

ottilie max

dreamer, poet, philosopher, writer

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